1 to Many (1:n) Face Lookup


  • 1:n detects if the face has been seen in a previous transaction within your account
  • It detects fraudsters that are using the same face but different ID data
  • Biggest value in combination with 3D Liveness as IDs can be manipulated whereas liveness cannot be spoofed


  • 1:n has to be activated for your account. Contact your Jumio Account Manager for activation.
  • Use our Retrieval API to retrieve the data of the affected transactions to consume the data

Best Practice

  • Do not allow multiple transactions within one user account (except for retries)
    • If your use case requires multiple submissions images with a face (ID document, Selfie), please take this under consideration as you will have valid entries in your findings
    • Findings will include also incomplete transactions (NO_ID_UPLOADED / NOT_READABLE) which can be ignored for 1:n as these can be valid retries
  • If a finding (findings is not empty) is returned you should either
    • compare the document data (e.g. name, date of birth) with the information from the previous transaction and reject it accordingly if there is a mismatch or
    • reject the transaction automatically to be cautious
  • There might be also wrong findings but as long as 1 finding is correct it should be considered as a duplicated user

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